Sunday, July 12, 2009

Configuring and Using Call Secretary for the A968

This phone has the ability to auto answer a call (within a specified duration) and playback a recorded message. After your recording has finished playing, it will record the message of the caller!

1) Go to Menu, Extra, Call Secretary

2) Go to Answer List (Tick on Ok), Then go to Options. Select 'Record Answer Audio' (Tick on Ok), Then type in a filename eg. answer (only 9 characters are allowed) and tick on ok. It will immediately start recording your message.

Once you finish your recording, press stop and it will save it. Now go to Answer List you can see your recording name. eg. 'answer.wav'. It will automatically start playing your recording too.

3) Now go back to Menu, Extra, Call Secretary, Setting. Tick on Anwer Mode and change it to 'on'. Then go to the Time Setting and give the amount of seconds that the phone should ring before the Call Secretary anwsers the phone. eg. 20 (seconds). Now go to Answer Audio (it will be empty) and tick on Options. It will show your recording eg. answer.wav. Tick Ok and you will see it appearing under Answer Audio.

4) Tick on Done and tick on Yes when it asks to save. That's it!

Once a caller records a message. The display on your phone will show a blinking phone icon. Anytime you want to listen to the message, go to Menu, Extra, Call Secretary, Record Log. All your messages will be stored in that location.

Have Fun!