Sunday, July 12, 2009

Configuring and Using Call Secretary for the A968

This phone has the ability to auto answer a call (within a specified duration) and playback a recorded message. After your recording has finished playing, it will record the message of the caller!

1) Go to Menu, Extra, Call Secretary

2) Go to Answer List (Tick on Ok), Then go to Options. Select 'Record Answer Audio' (Tick on Ok), Then type in a filename eg. answer (only 9 characters are allowed) and tick on ok. It will immediately start recording your message.

Once you finish your recording, press stop and it will save it. Now go to Answer List you can see your recording name. eg. 'answer.wav'. It will automatically start playing your recording too.

3) Now go back to Menu, Extra, Call Secretary, Setting. Tick on Anwer Mode and change it to 'on'. Then go to the Time Setting and give the amount of seconds that the phone should ring before the Call Secretary anwsers the phone. eg. 20 (seconds). Now go to Answer Audio (it will be empty) and tick on Options. It will show your recording eg. answer.wav. Tick Ok and you will see it appearing under Answer Audio.

4) Tick on Done and tick on Yes when it asks to save. That's it!

Once a caller records a message. The display on your phone will show a blinking phone icon. Anytime you want to listen to the message, go to Menu, Extra, Call Secretary, Record Log. All your messages will be stored in that location.

Have Fun!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Re-Calibrate your touch screen

If you feel that your touch screen is playing up, re-calibrating the touch screen will get it back to normal.

Some symptoms when your touch screen is not working properly: When typing an SMS if you press 'Q' or 'A' or 'Z' nothing happens. If you press 'W' it will type 'Q', etc, etc. To rectify this situation do the following:

1) Go to the Menu - Settings - Pen Calibration

2) A Calibration Wizard will appear. Using your Stylus or a blunt pencil, follow the instructions.

3) Once it is over, check whether everything is ok by typing a SMS.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Very important information for the A968 - Keep your phone locked!

The A968 screen is very sensitive. If you put it in your pocket and walk around you will notice that the phone will display screens other than your wallpaper. Also constant touching of your phone against your pockets, pouches, handbags, etc will have a detrimental effect on your phone. This will not happen if you lock your phone once you finish using it.

My recommendation is that you lock your phone as soon as you finish using it. Even if the phone is locked you can still answer an incoming call. The lock will disable the touch screen so that it will not go into the menu and mess up settings, auto-dialing up numbers, deleting numbers, sending sms, etc.


To enable the phone lock, simply press the top left hand button and the bottom right hand button (the # key). Unlocking the phone is the same key combination.

Given below is a photo with the key combination to lock your phone:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jokes for the A968

The A968 can read .txt and .pdb (Palm Database) formats.

Given below in a .zip file are ten .txt files which contain hundreds of jokes to keep you entertained! Save all the .txt files in the folder named 'Ebook' in your memory card.
The file size is: 1.1 MB

Prayer Time Table for Sri Lankan Muslims

Given below is the Prayer Time table (perpetual). It could be viewed in either portrait or landscape. Landscape is better as it will be more clearer.
The file size is: 1.9 MB

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Phone Suite for the A968

Given below is the Phone Suite that works for the A968 (and maybe for other Chinese Phones too).
The file size is: 38 MB

Alternate Link

Save the .zip file to a location in your hard disk and extract it. You will find a file named 'A968 - Connecting Instructions.doc' which has all the instructions to properly get the A968 phone to work.

If you have a problem, let me know:

Games for the A968

To the best of my knowedge, you CANNOT install any new game on this phone.

Generally most phones accept Java games. But not the A968 and some Chinese Phones.

On the internet people say that some Chinese Phones will accept .nes games. I have downloaded .nes games, tried all different methods, created the proper folders, etc. but it simply will not install the games. Also most of the games that are in the .nes format are very old (created in the late 1990s and early 2000), but if you look at the games on the A968 they seem to be very modern games supporting the touch system.

The reason is probably the Operating System of the Phone. Most Nokia phones have the Symbian OS, other phones have the Windows Mobile, etc. But the A968 is supposed to have a Real Time Operating System (RTOS). That could be the reason for not being able to install any new games.

If anyone has found a way to install games on the A968, please e-mail me:

Pros and Cons of the A968


1) Very good quality TV and Radio
2) Very good Audio Sound and Volume
3) Very long lasting battery (on average 7 days if you don't use the TV, Radio and Audio player too much.
4) Touch screen. You don't have to use the Stylus to navigate. You can use your finger. You don't even have to go the the scroll bar - just go the the bottom middle of the screen and you can scroll down with your finger.


1) Cannot install additional games. You are limited to the 2 in-built games. I have tried everything but cannot get any games to install.

2) Video Player will not play the videos with the right frame rate. eg. the Audio will be ahead of the Video. I have tried all kinds of formats and resolutions, to no avail. Even the recorded TV clips from the phone have that problem. It does not play at the full rate that you see on the TV.

3) You cannot have separate folders to play your audio. All will be in one listing.

Will post additional info soon....

Cannot change the SMS (Message) tone to other than what is already there.

File Structure of the A968

Given below is the general file structure that is shown on my memory card:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A968 Best of the Best Wallpaper

You can download 47 of the best wallpapers for the A968 in portrait format (240 x 320).

Given Below are some samples:

Download all 47 wallpapers:

File size is: 1.5 MB

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A968 User Manual

Here is the link for the A968 User Manual. My phone is different from this user manual. You can go through this manual to get an idea about the features, etc. Just remember that it may not be the same as the phone you have.

The file size of the pdf is 10 MB.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wallpaper for A968 Phone

I give below some wallpapers for the phone. The formats are:

1) Portrait - 240 x 320
2) Landscape - 320 x 240

Windows XP 240 x 320
Window XP - Portrait 240 x 320

Windows Vista - 240 x 320

Car - 320 x 240

Mountains and River - 320 x 240
You can right-click the photos, save them to your desktop and transfer them to your phone.

Website dedicated to the A968

This website is dedicated to the A968 Chinese TV Phone.

I will post information about the pros and cons of this phone, wallpapers, manuals, settings, etc on this website so that it will be easy to access information on the A968.

Please visit this website regularly as I will keep on posting new settings, information, etc as and when they become available.