Sunday, May 10, 2009

Games for the A968

To the best of my knowedge, you CANNOT install any new game on this phone.

Generally most phones accept Java games. But not the A968 and some Chinese Phones.

On the internet people say that some Chinese Phones will accept .nes games. I have downloaded .nes games, tried all different methods, created the proper folders, etc. but it simply will not install the games. Also most of the games that are in the .nes format are very old (created in the late 1990s and early 2000), but if you look at the games on the A968 they seem to be very modern games supporting the touch system.

The reason is probably the Operating System of the Phone. Most Nokia phones have the Symbian OS, other phones have the Windows Mobile, etc. But the A968 is supposed to have a Real Time Operating System (RTOS). That could be the reason for not being able to install any new games.

If anyone has found a way to install games on the A968, please e-mail me: