Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pros and Cons of the A968


1) Very good quality TV and Radio
2) Very good Audio Sound and Volume
3) Very long lasting battery (on average 7 days if you don't use the TV, Radio and Audio player too much.
4) Touch screen. You don't have to use the Stylus to navigate. You can use your finger. You don't even have to go the the scroll bar - just go the the bottom middle of the screen and you can scroll down with your finger.


1) Cannot install additional games. You are limited to the 2 in-built games. I have tried everything but cannot get any games to install.

2) Video Player will not play the videos with the right frame rate. eg. the Audio will be ahead of the Video. I have tried all kinds of formats and resolutions, to no avail. Even the recorded TV clips from the phone have that problem. It does not play at the full rate that you see on the TV.

3) You cannot have separate folders to play your audio. All will be in one listing.

Will post additional info soon....

Cannot change the SMS (Message) tone to other than what is already there.